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Ha Vu, PhD Candidate

Environmental Economics

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I am a sixth year Ph.D. student in Environmental Economics at the University of California, San Diego, who is on the job market this year. My research focuses on the impact of various environmental issues including air pollution and dam construction on some of the most vulnerable communities in developing regions.

Research Interests

My research interests revolve around the intersection of development and the environment. Specifically, I study the impact of environmental issues on vulnerable communities in developing regions. I am particularly interested in the effects of air pollution and dam construction on these communities. Through my research, I hope to contribute to the development of sustainable policies that promote both economic growth and environmental protection.


Work in progress

Ha Vu, "Impact of Dams on Salinity Intrusion and Agriculture Productivity: Evidence from Mekong River", UCSD (Job market paper)

Deeksha Kokas, Gladys Lopez-Acevedo, Ha Vu, "Export and Labor market outcomes: A Supply Chain perspective - Evidence from Vietnam", World Bank Group (working paper)

Ha Vu, "Impact of Air pollution on Risk Aversion and Individual Decision Making", UCSD (work in progress)

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